I personally believe one of the most important lessons I have learned in life is to “Never Stop Asking Questions” and in my case, by using questions to find ways to extend photography to the next dimension. I hope to find a benefactor or company to work with who will help promote my products, and most importantly to create funding to start The International “EPIC” The Experimental Photo Image Center would act as a catalyst for experimental photographers and artists to question and add to the continuing line of exploration by offering workshops on new techniques and support future processes others will eventually create. This would include a library for research on all areas of experimental art, and an art gallery to exhibit and promote experimental artists with.

Many artists of the past who we now appreciate most were experimenting to develop their own techniques to achieve a new look and style. Art will remain the mirror of humanity, and experimental photography will continue to expand the limits of the fine arts.

To learn more about the International EPIC, please contact me.