Hot Glass Photography

Fink Glass Works

There is no printing, photo emulsions or enameling on the glass. I can make the picture in different shades of black, or brown, or vary the contrast of the pictures. If colored glass is used, the pictures will take on the colors of the glass itself. The pictures are seen when lit from behind. I also make two-sided glass where two distinctly different pictures are seen on each side of the single piece of glass.

I am presently working on making white on black glass pictures. I can also make pictures entirely of ashes that are sealed within melted glass, and I make pictures using precious or non-precious metals on hot glass and ceramics.

The significance is so photography can extend into hot glassmaking.

My “HOT GLASS PHOTOGRAPHY” can be enjoyed by serious glass collectors and photo collectors alike. I can make one or two sided photo images on a single piece of glass made of nothing but glass that creates stationary or rotating photo glass artwork. I welcome commissioned custom projects where photo imagery and hot glassmaking become one. If the projects were large enough, I would work with other skilled glass artists to take this work to yet another level. I am also available to work with other Professional glass artists who want to merge our ideas into joint projects.