William G. Fink

President of The SEEDS Foundation
The SEEDS Foundation is a non profit 501c3 Foundation


Is working toward creating the International “EPIC” The Experimental Photo Image Center.

Over 30 years ago, the SEEDS Foundation began doing various experimental Projects within public schools. We Distributed free seeds to any teachers who wanted them for student gardens, and helped High School journalism students get their written stories published in local weekly community newspapers, printed greeting cards at Pasadena City College so teachers could use them to write to their students’ parents, and we developed and proposed a program where High Schools could use school busses as a way for graphic design and art students to make important statements on the sides of the buses to address important social and community issues like drugs abuse, abortion, student achievement, role models an various community and life issues. 

But, now The SEEDS Foundation is solely about working with Experimental Photography and the International EPIC project.

I believe Experimental Photography is about exploring the visual world around us in new ways to help us question, reflect, and better understand who we are as human-beings.